Our Core Beliefs

Race, Diversity and Insurance 

The Federation of Iowa Insurers has long supported the Iowa Civil Rights Act, a diverse workforce, and an inclusive environment, which are essential to the continued growth and vitality of Iowa’s insurance industry. The Federation and its members are committed to taking steps that increase diversity, equity and inclusion, and leverage innovation in a positive way addressing practices that potentially disadvantage minorities. The Federation supports thoughtful discussions to address racial inequality while promoting diversity in the insurance sector.

Competitive Environment

The Federation supports laws, regulations, and public policies that keep Iowa companies competitive in state, national, and global markets. The Federation supports a private market approach to insurance that gives insurance purchasers the flexibility to select affordable and innovative insurance products responsive to purchasers’ specific needs. The Federation believes that any proposed reforms to Iowa’s insurance laws or regulations should maintain existing consumer protections while providing a level playing field with consistent rules for similarly situated businesses and individuals; and prevent disruption of insurance markets in Iowa, the United States, and around the world.

Iowa Insurance Division 

The Federation supports a highly qualified and appropriately compensated Insurance Division staff which is essential to maintain the exceptional level of insurance regulation in Iowa with a proven history of protecting consumers, ensuring insurers’ solvency and a national leader in addressing the increasingly complex insurance and globalized financial services industry. The Federation supports appropriate funding of the Iowa Insurance Division to facilitate the timely, professional, and effective regulation of the Iowa insurance industry.

Economic Development 

The Federation supports efforts to sustain and grow the insurance and financial services industry in Iowa and internationally. The Federation will work with legislators to avoid policies that increase costs and impose regulatory burdens on the insurance industry without creating corresponding, actual benefits for consumers in the form of risk reduction and additional protections.

Financial Literacy

The Federation supports public policy initiatives that encourage schools and adult education programs to improve the financial literacy of all Iowans.  The broad array of financial products and services available today require consumers to have the knowledge and skills to evaluate their options and choose those best suited for their needs.  Increased financial literacy will better equip all Iowans to make appropriate decisions for retirement, health care and education.